It's YOUR turn!

Your turn to show up.

Your turn to speak up.

Your turn to tell the truth.

Your turn to be seen, felt, and heard.

Your turn to have more than enough.

Your turn to receive.

Your turn to take the lead.

Your turn to take centerstage.

Your turn to call the shots

I know what it's like to be afraid of stepping into your power around money and womanhood.

A few years ago I was living with my mother, I had $7 to my name, and I was borrowing my monthly cell phone bill money from her. I was so broke that I stopped asking her if I could borrow the cell phone bill money and instead asked if I could just have it.

I was playing small, hiding, depressed, and afraid to allow myself to be powerful, and live the life of my dreams.

At the time, all I knew was I wanted the freedom to build a business based entirely on my own rules even if nobody else was doing it. And I wanted to make big money being the truth of who I am.

I wanted the freedom to build a
business based entirely on my own
rules even if nobody else was doing it.

I wanted the freedom to be my
whole and real self everywhere,
with everybody.

I wanted to genuinely not be moved by other people not liking me or talking
bad about me.

But most importantly, I wanted to be ALL of me. And I wanted to be all of me, fabulously.

And in three years I've done just that. My company has grown to multiple 6-figures (without burning myself out), I now live in Paris, and my clients are making 5-figures per month in their businesses.

It's possible for you.

I travel wherever I want, when I want, and for how long I want.

There's lots of good I can share, and you'll hear about it when we meet, but perhaps the best part about all of this is, I've cultivated my Master Creator abilities to do, be, and have WHATEVER I want, and I'm teaching you how to do the same thing on YOUR terms.

If you're done with feeling insignificant, done with playing small, done with hiding and not using your voice, if you're done suffering and pretending to not be powerful, if you’re done not making the money you want to make, and you're ready NOW to step up and take centerstage in your life, then guarantee your seat below now!

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August 8th

Where: COMO The Halkin
5-6 Halkin St

Belgravia, London SW1X 7DJ, UK
When: 10am-2pm

Here's what you can expect:

10am - introduction & connection

10:30ish - uncover your invisible limiting beliefs around money
& self holding you back from more than enough

11:30ish - break

11:45ish - reclaim who you are & what you most want (take your power back)

12:30ish - create an exciting map to bring in what you most want,
not just what you think you can have (we will support you with this)

1:15ish - your deepest declaration, aligned intention setting, step into your power

2pm - Wrap up & networking

This will be a very intimate and luxurious experience catered to you and the other women in the room. It will be interactive. You will be seen, felt, and heard. No more hiding. :)

This is about you taking up space.

This is about you allowing people to feel the weight of who you really are
and letting them deal with it.

This is about freedom.

This is about truth.

This is about your life.

This is about you being unapologetic about making more than enough money in your
business, and leading your life exactly as you see fit.

This is your life.

Your life.

YOUR life.

I'm so ready to meet you, and be a part of your journey of becoming the woman who makes the money she wants, lives the life she wants, and is who she wants to be.

So if this speaks to you, go ahead and guarantee one of only 30 seats,
and block out the time on your calendar now.

More Testimonials

“Unapologetic womanhood in London opened the door to DEEP Work. Many people talk of this but few deliver, with Naima you can trust that she will deliver!

I could tell you what happened, or what was said but that would still not articulate it for this work is felt. I saw transformations take place in other women that then transformed me I myself could feel parts of myself getting unlocked. I was seen as I am fully and in that I became free. I was moved so deeply by the space that Naima had created for us.

Mere hours later, I left the room filled with gratitude, high on connection and less fragmented. I left the room more committed to being all that I am and less concerned with the limitations that I had conjured and had previously captivated my attention.

If you have an opportunity to get in a room with Naima, get in the room. You will feel its impact long after. A year from now you will be thankful you did. Trust me.”

-Caesar Gordon, Trainer & Coach

"I am very grateful for my time with Naima. She is a role model to me in many ways and she helped me to own the parts of myself that I didn’t want to see. She helped me to step further into my spiritual adulthood and womanhood.

During our time together over several months, I was able to clearly see the ways that I had been violating my own needs and putting myself last.

I learned to set clear boundaries and hold them. I had a deep intuitive knowing that I was meant to work with Naima, and I’m grateful that I did. Thank you for holding the space for me to grow."

-Meghan Kerner, Feminine Intuition Coach

"I have had the great pleasure of working with Naima for the past year. Naima has taught me how to unlock many of the mysteries surrounding my sexuality.

Naima has a depth of experience and a wealth of shared stories, from her own personal background and from so many that she has helped along on this journey of self-discovery.

Based on the facts I would present to her, Naima would give me small assignments that helped me to uncover more and to begin to practice with what felt foreign to me.

She never pushed me too hard but always challenged me. She would let her heart fully absorb all I presented, while staying strong and steady on the path to helping me find my sexual voice.

For most of my adult life, I searched for these answers, on my own or through traditional talk therapy. I tried to get to the bottom of what I felt were blockades to understanding who I was as a sexual being. It seemed that whenever I spoke candidly, the therapist would be visibly uncomfortable, therefore, I felt it would not be acceptable to use sexual terminology or slang, to express myself. With Naima, I could express freely, never feeling judged, always feeling heard.

Naima truly cares, she is devoted to helping others, she taps into the very essence of what needs time and energy and then guides you to understanding.

I had no idea that much of my struggle revolved around shame, having been sexually assaulted by a criminal on the street and also by an uncle. I have also learned how much shame is naturally imposed upon us as women. Naima not only beared witness to my stories, she also contemplated these stories, made sense out of them, helped me to connect the dots; with what I knew about myself as a woman, who I was as an innocent young child, and everything in between.

If you want the truth, if you want the freedom to express what is in your heart and soul, if you want real guidance, Naima is the person for you."

-Pilar Netzel

"Naima has made a huge impact on my life, simply by WHO she is BEING. Since I met her in 2013, I immediately felt power emanating from her. She shows up as a real, unapologetic woman who owns her power and expresses her truth. Her message feels shamefree and hopeful. She has an amazing gift with words and expressing her experience in this life vividly and with emotion that I can feel. She’s able to explain and describe experiences and feelings I haven’t been able to put into words that are not talked about publicly because of our cultural shame.

She is a highly effective and impactful coach. She holds a strong container for herself and the women that show up.

She says what she sees and feels confidently, and tells the truth, no fluff. I am magnetized to this. I was intimated by her power in the beginning because she is so bold and unapologetic, then I heard her share that she used to have the same fears of speaking up and visibility as I do. She has gone through the darkness and has done the work to come up into the light, powerful and transformed. I am on the same path and slowly growing into my power and becoming visible, growing in confidence.

It’s my experience that there is a strong connection between opening wealth and receiving, and healing and embracing the power of the pussy, and also opening the voice and speaking up. When all 3 of these are opened, healed, empowered, and supported, the woman becomes Unstoppable! Naima has these qualities and she is passionate to help other women do the same. I highly recommend working with her and her courses, classes, and intensives.

By simply being around Naima I feel more in my power, more turned on, less sexual shame, less wanting to hide, empowered, and my beast wants to come out. Thank you Naima!"

-Mandy Be, Orgasm & Desire Coach

"I came into the class overwhelmed and scattered with this new role of being a coach and healer. Now, 5 weeks later, I have clarity on my next steps and knowledge of how to stay on track.

Transformation by choosing wealth mentality through wealth conscious language. I am forever grateful to Naima and all the ladies who chose the investment of the 5-week wealth class. We are a community of women who consciously chose to make the necessary changes in preparation for our next steps."

-Tamara Latrese Robinson, Dance Coach

Click below to guarantee your seat now

August 8th

Where: COMO The Halkin
5-6 Halkin St

Belgravia, London SW1X 7DJ, UK
When: 10am-2pm

Naima was taught at an early age, unaware by her loving mother with good intentions, that other people can have what they want, but she can't have what she wants.

This deeply held belief of lack that Naima picked up from her environment as child, like many women do who struggle with money, was carried into her entrepreneurial endeavours as an adult. This resulted in her never being able to make the money or live the life she always hungered for. Because of her deeply held limiting beliefs about money, even with an MBA and frequently working 12-hour days, she constantly struggled financially.

Naima entered the coaching industry in 2011, continued to struggle, and finally fell into deep depression, causing her to move in with her mom, and ending up with just $7 to her name.

Finally, after committing to her life's work of helping herself and other women become the women they were born to be and to live the life of their dreams, Naima went on a crusade to radically transform her limiting beliefs and relationship with money.

As a result, Naima built a multiple 6-figure coaching business online in under three years, travels frequently around the globe, and now lives her dream in Paris.

Naima has helped hundreds of women around the world transform their relationship with money, and her private clients now have consistent 5-figure months, and live the lives of their dreams.

Naima now hosts the Life in Paris Radio Show, is spearheading the opening of the Chateau in France, where women come to learn how to be women, and she speaks to groups globally about creating bank accounts and realities of more than enough.

To book Naima to speak with your group email